Family photoshoot Split

Family photoshoot Split

Photo sessions such as this one depict what I’m trying to convey – complete relaxedness on both sides of the camera. I’m perfectly aware of the discomfort you have when somebody’s taking your picture: sometimes you don’t know what to do with yourself, where to look or how to act.

The photographer’s job is to provide ideas you don’t need to follow to the letter, but use it as a suggestion or guideline to play with. With more people, it’s easier to play around and see the session as a time dedicated to you and to capturing your relationship and love (paternal or romantic). If you see it that way, the number of times you don’t know how to act or where to look is significantly reduced, since you’re really only spending time with each other, with love, just as you usually do, with the photographer only providing some ideas to guide your interaction.

That’s my view, in short, of these sessions that I love doing.

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