Photographing weddings
In a relaxed, authentic and unobtrusive manner

Dear newlyweds!

I know how much of a hassle choosing a photographer for your wedding can be. You can be easily confounded by a great number of different photographers on the market, as well as the amount of information on wedding photography that can be found online. That’s why I advise you to follow your intuition.

The thing that appeals to you the most, without overanalyzing it, is usually what you’re looking for.

On the other hand, what I find appealing about photographing your wedding is capturing your love on photographs which you get to keep as a lifelong memory.

Emotions and authentic human connection is what I’m most interested in while photographing couples (and families). Why do I find this essential? If a photograph is just pretty, without evoking something, then I find that it’s not good enough. It lacks the meaning it is supposed to have. That’s why I always base the photo sessions on your interaction.

The only thing that matters is that you act like you usually do when you’re together, to BE YOURSELVES. Just as you are, in the most honest and natural way. That’s when the walls go down and everything becomes easier.

When booking a wedding session, I often hear “we don’t really feel comfortable having our pictures taken” or “I never look good in photos”, “How are we supposed to do this?”.
One of the answers I’m sure to give you is “that’s what everybody says”. The thing is, throughout your life, people have always told you to “look at the camera”, which made you freeze and, over time, the camera started to make you uncomfortable. That’s not the way it has to be… You actually don’t even have to look at the camera… The entire interaction goes on just between the two of you.

I want to see your moments, not your poses, and, if you find my photography style appealing, I’m sure that’s what you want as well. Hug your partner. Show your love and connection. That’s the way to get photographs where those things will be seen and felt.

I generally photograph in an unobtrusive, honest and relaxed manner and I want you to feel completely relaxed, like the camera’s not even there. If you don’t like having your picture taken or you find it makes you uncomfortable, we’ll discuss it during our first encounter. I’ll guide you through the photo session in a gentle manner, much like a director (with a few tricks up my sleeve), in order to capture all your spontaneous moments and the most natural and honest interactions.

The photo sessions are playful and laid-back, and I always strive to make the photographs faithfully represent you, as well as evoke emotions and memories in you. I’m drawn to lush color tones, honest smiles, honest tears, looks, touches and embraces, and I approach each person and event with care and dedication.



What can you expect from me on your wedding day?

We can schedule the photo session on the wedding day or a specific earlier or later date. Everything I do will be in agreement with you and I’ll give you my suggestions in accordance with your wishes and needs.

I’ll photograph the entire wedding day with the intention of telling your story, much like a personal photo coverage, with emphasis on emotions and moments of spontaneity. The photojournalistic style of my photographs singles out all the shots that best describe and characterize your event and/or personality. I seek to capture authentic and emotional images that will stir an emotional response when you look at them.

Time flies, and photographs are always the best at bringing back certain moments, people and mental images. The goal of photographs is to instantly revoke the emotion of a specific moment.

If you like this kind of approach, and if you find the photographs from the gallery appealing, feel free to get in touch with me. I look forward to your photo stories of love.