Month: March 2019

Vanesa and Ivan

Engagement photo session

I can say, without exaggeration, that it didn’t take more than a moment for me to realize how much Ivan and Vanesa loved each other. Their gestures, glances, touches and the atmosphere they create when they’re together reveal the immensity of their affection, so the fact that I would be able to capture their love through photos made me especially happy. The photo session itself was cheerful and playful, even though the weather outdoors was still pretty cold.

After photographing them, once again I caught myself thinking about how the cooperation between the couple, i.e. the people being photographed, and the photographer is essential.

If the couple is not a 100 percent present at the session and willing to imbue their emotions and love into the moments we wish to capture, as well as completely cooperate with the photographer (giving the best of themselves in the time spent together) then the photographs may turn out pretty well (if the photographer is skilled), but they won’t be truly exceptional, special and very meaningful for you. And that is the exact reason why you contract a photographer in the first place, to capture the significant moments and your true self in them.

Doing a 5-minute session often results in good photos, but they often show that you haven’t relaxed enough and that you haven’t let your guard down. If you want special, meaningful and creative photos, make time for at least a 30-minute session, communicate with the photographer before and during the session (when they’re directing you), give yourself completely into every moment and focus on your partner… show all your love… and the interaction with the photographer will be a cooperation in the full sense of the word.

I thank Vanesa and Ivan for their complete dedication to every moment, total relaxedness and openness, and a wonderful cooperation.

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