Capturing family memories on photographs

Has it ever happened to you that you’ve realized you could have documented an important event through photos only when it has already passed, and that what you have ended up documenting is not even a fragment of the wonderful atmosphere you were a part of? Did you ever eagerly prepare your child’s special celebration, only to realize you don’t want to see their smile at the sight of the cake, or the moment when they unwrap a long-awaited gift, through a camera lens? Have you wished for great photos without having to think about how they will be taken?

If you’re nodding along to this, then you’re at the right place.

I’m here to hide behind the camera and document birthdays, your child’s christenings, as well as any other special family occasion through beautiful, high-quality photographs. The duration of photographing children’s events can vary, and it generally comes down to about 1-3 hours.

If you wish to have professional photos of you and your children, we can schedule a photo session outdoors or in your home.

What does a photo session generally look like?

Photo sessions take place in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, lasting for about an hour. My main focus while photographing is the connection you share. You are going to be hugging, kissing, moving, touching and playing, and the photos will endeavor to capture the happiness, joyfulness, beauty and love within your family. I want you to express the most honest, most natural part of yourself, to be who you are. I seek to capture authentic and emotional images that will stir an emotional response when you look at them and, at the same time, transport you back to those moments. I’m looking for honest moments, which means I’ll spend most of the time encouraging mutual interaction, as well as interaction with the surroundings which will play a part in your story.

The photographer (me) will take on the role of a sort of film director during the session, which means I’ll be there to guide you through it.

You will be the ones to bring life into the shots with your energy, interaction and participation. If you let yourself go, dedicate to one another and perceive the entire process as family time, and the photographer as a friend and a fun guide, you’ll get photos that tell a story and capture honest moments and emotions.

A couple of days following the session, you’ll receive a gallery of digital and/or developed photographs that reflect you and tell a photo story.

Photographs are always the best at bringing back certain moments, people and mental images.

Leave your children and grandchildren photographs that will be able to convey what you felt (and still feel) for each other 30 years from now. Open yourself up to the experience and we’ll capture images filled with life and love. If you like such an approach, I can’t wait to meet you!



Just a couple more details about what you can expect…

  • A pleasant and relaxed friendly atmosphere during photographing
  • Agreement on everything and working on ideas together
  • 100% enthusiasm, creativity, hard work with the use of all photographic skills I have been acquiring and developing for years
  • Directing you through the session for the purpose of taking completely honest photographs showing your family’s unique connection
  • High-quality photographs, processed post-session (Photoshop) in order to emphasize the best from the captured shots and transmit the impression and perception of a certain moment in its entirety to the observer
  • Photo packages at very affordable prices (you’ll receive the details as soon as you inform me of your specific wishes and needs and I incorporate the necessary factors)