Event you'll want to revisit over and over again through photographs
Photographing events

If you wish to promote or document an event you’re organizing or one that’s important to you, there’s nothing like high-quality photographs. A photograph, even more so than a video, can project the important things, since it not only documents, but summarizes everything that happened in order to bring out the most emotional and the most important moments of an event to the fore, those remembered by the ones present and those that will make anyone who was missing wish they had been there.

Events represent a specific situation for the photographer as well. I personally prefer photographing events, since the participants often forget that the photographer’s there very soon, and then I’m able to capture all the hustle and bustle taking place in front of the camera in the most honest way. The events unravel like a theater play in front of the photographer’s eyes. They’re fascinating to observe: the minute details, personal relationships and the atmosphere in the making. Capturing every one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments being created by the people and their many varied interactions is often extremely fun, fulfilling and creative.

However, the most important factor is that the investment into a high-quality photographic coverage of the event proves fruitful for the organizers. There’s no better way of promoting an event than displaying a good photograph – they demonstrate the experience better than any words could. The photographs will capture the uniqueness and quality of the event, along with the atmosphere and enjoyment of the visitors. That’s why it’s crucial that high-quality photographs tell your story and take part in its successful promotion.

Choose photography by Futopia and show anyone who still hasn’t attended your events why they should think twice. Those who did attend will have photographs to help them relive wonderful memories while they await your next event.

AIf you’re organizing a family, children’s or private event (birthdays, weddings, christenings or even just a picnic), you can find more information and galleries by clicking on the Family and Children category. ).

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What can you expect if you contract me to photograph your event?

  • An unobtrusive, honest and creative style of photographing events
  • My photojournalistic style doesn’t impede the flow of your event, but rather, through observation my photographs focus on the shots which best describe and characterize the event by taking into consideration the portraits, details, atmosphere and the entire overview of its essential features
  • Questions aboutthe things you feel are important to documentso that there are no oversights
  • Photographs which will faithfully represent the event and its story and have the desired effect on your audience on social networks and beyond

Are you wondering how much it costs? Photographing events can be very diverse: Shorter, longer, with a smaller or greater amount of selected photographs. Processing photographs in order to obtain a faithful and impressive display of your event is a considerable part of the job and may require a significant amount of time, depending on the number of photographs. That’s why it’s one of the price determination factors.
Feel free to fill the form and get a quote according to your particular request.